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Trout don't live in ugly places. -Serving the Eastern Sierras Since 1988

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They wouldn't call it fishing if you were always catching.Cell-[760.937.5680] Home-[760.934.6457]

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My name is Harry Blackburn and my passion is fly-fishing. I am 50 years young, a native Californian and I have been guiding in the Eastern Sierras for over 20 years...

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Welcome Fly Anglers – Featured Snippet from “California Fly Fisher” Magazine (pg. 49) on “the Mcgee Bay Phenomonom”...

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Hatch&Fish Charts Eastern Sierras -

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Check out the different types of insects in detail along with all the different types of trout & fish around the area.The Calendar Year HATCH CHART shows monthly Insect hatches for better timeing which hopefully lands you more catches! --


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"I go fishing not to find myself but to lose myself."

– Joseph Monniger