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Sunset over Mammoth Lakes while in a boat fly fishing in Crowley Lake
02 May 2016 / in Featured Articles

Gold in the Eastern Sierra

25 May 2015 / in Featured Articles

Harry Blackburn – Gold in the Eastern Sierra

California Fly Fisher – The Mcgee Bay Phenomonom

25 May 2015 / in Featured Articles

Featured Snippet from “California Fly Fisher” Magazine (pg. 49) on “the Mcgee Bay Phenomonom” “In the late 1990s, local Guides Harry Blackburn and Mike Peters “stumbled into the McGee Bay phenomenom.” Blackburn said. They’d walk down the mouth of the creek in McGee Bay, where hundreds of trout were stacking up, actively feeding they could […]

Blackburn’s Prowess a Mammoth Plus +

25 May 2015 / in Featured Articles

MAMMOTH LAKES – It appeared to be another serene, lazy morning at Crowley Lake. It was warm, cloudless, windless and bug-free. The famous trout-fishing lake on the Eastern Sierra was devoid of anglers, too. But Harry Blackburn knew better. “When the midges hatch, the bite will turn on,” the veteran Eastern Sierra guide said. And […]

Your Eastern Sierra Guide

25 May 2015 / in Featured Articles

MAMMOTH LAKES – Mammoth Mountain Resort communications director Joani Saari admits that the ski resort targets Southern Californians. Saari says that skiers from Northern California have too many Sierra resorts to consider before thinking about Mammoth. But that’s not the case with fishing. The Eastern Sierra is considered among the top fishing grounds in the […]

Fishing “Frenzy” in Fever Pitch on Eastside Waters – Eastern Sierras

25 May 2015 / in Featured Articles

It is not as if Harry Blackburn hasn’t seen this kind of thing before. In two decades watching the up-and-down world of Eastern Sierra fishing, the personable Blackburn has seen it all and caught them all. He has plied these waters in snowstorms, ice storms, blistering hot days and cool, lovely el-perfectos. Blackburn, the operator […]