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Fly Fishing Report Mammoth, CA – June 2015

16 Jun 2015 / in Fishing Report

Welcome Fly Fishing Enthusiast,

Weather wise we are now in a much more stable pattern unlike May and the first 10 days of June which turned out to be quite wet and unsettled. Current outlook weather wise dry with breezy/windy afternoons. Near normal possibly slight warmer than normal temps for the area 70-80 for the Mammoth/ Crowley area and mid 90s for the Bishop area. There is only an outside chance of a stray thunderstorm mostly to the east. The area is pretty green from the recent rains and there is still snow holding in higher elevations. The White Mountains’ to the east received abundant precipitation in the last six weeks. There is an accu-cast on each of the area fishing report to get current conditions and outlook on each of the areas.

Fishing continues to provide great action in many locations. There is no spring runoff to deal with that can occur during the late spring and early summer other than the West Walker River is a little elevated and off color. No snow on the ground below 10,000 ft, stream levels throughout the area remain low but stable. Some streams have flows well below historical norms like the East Walker, Hot Creek, Upper Owens River, McGee Creek, Rock Creek, Convict Creek Mammoth Creek, Rush Creek all very fishable. The warmer winter and spring has increased the insect activity and warmed the water temperatures. This is the good news, as it is increasing the trout’s metabolism and feeding behavior. The downfall is the continuation of the southwest drought with well below normal snow pack. What does it mean for the area? Don’t panic and run around saying the sky is falling, but it will be increasingly concerned. One thing for sure, it will remain out of anyone’s control. The best we can do is conserve water and look to the skies for some relief from Mother Nature. Right now streams are very fishable and flows remain low throughout the area. Last week’s rains increased flows on most streams and increased what little snow melt there was and some have risen a little. This is nothing to get excited about but it will provide some better habitat for the time being. Area lake conditions will depend on which one you fish but most are in good conditions with the exception of Grant in the June lake area and Bridgeport reservoir in the northern Mono County area. Bridgeport is low but still very fishable at this time, with the lake level about the same as last year at this time. You can still launch a boat at a makeshift ramp on the north end of the Bridgeport reservoir. Crowley is slightly higher than last year at this time and had an added 50K more fish stocked than last year Great news! CADFW has stocked most area lakes, and will continue to stock throughout the season, although the frequency and size may not be the same as last year, but still with a healthy planting schedule. The Mono County Tourism Commission has funded a private company (Desert Lakes Hatchery out of Oregon) and certain lakes will receive stock of trophy-size fish through September. The Tail Water Fishery of the Lower Owens is at a very fishable level and should remain that way for the bulk of the summer. Upper Owens River flows have returned to winter level above Hot Creek.

Only time will tell how this story turns out. We could have a wet and cooler summer with increased monsoonal moisture keeping the high country moist winter could make it appearance next October. Anyone have a crystal ball? In the meantime, get out and CATCH the great weather summer is here in the high country. We have plenty of quality fly-fishing at your disposal. You can look at the fishing in one of two ways, half-empty or half-full.

All the major highway passes are open . Always check the road conditions before planning a crossing, as weather can change the pass status this time of year. Dial 1-800-gas-road for updates before departing if you believe weather might be an issue.

Check out the photo gallery Video of the week YouTube, also facebook Mammoth fly fishing adventures!

Best regards, Harry

Hot Creek



June 16th, 2015 –
Flows are up a little. Water is clear and well below historical norms. Still fishable with limited areas to drift due to water levels and aquatic vegetation, midday hatch of mayflies’ midges in the morning you will see the caddis migrating the hatch is in the mid afternoon. Crowds vary from day to day. The short well placed drifts will be reward. Fish keying on the Tricos and Migrating caddis in the mornings, Beatis mid-day better when its cloudy and the caddis emergence mid afternoon. Size 20-24.dry flies.

San Joaquin


June 17th, 2015 –
Road open! The gem of drive in back country access is fishing well. River levels are normal nearing prefect. The campgrounds are open! Both dry flies and nymph’s taking fish.

Crowley Lake

June 17th, 2015 –
The weather has become much more stable. Fishing has been hit and miss with larger than average size fish and lots of Brown trout in the catches. Lake level is slightly higher than last year at this time. Water temp 60 on the surface on 6-15 Lake was stocked with 50K extra pounds of fish than the previous season. Water is clear and the fish are spread out holding from 15-22 ft of water and the bulk slightly deeper. Midge hatch is pretty solid starting in some areas around 11am and running to the early pm. Areas to target are the drops of Stormy Beach or flats, north east side of McGee Bay, Sandy Point, Hilton Bays, Green Banks, Alligator and Leighton Springs. Fish are the most active from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. Fish are in great shape and hard fighting! Black then move to gray for fly colors midge wise! Midges have been pretty big!

East Walker


June 17th, 2015 –
Flows remain well below historical norms for this fishery. Currently at around 100cfs, the flows were bumped up. Water is clear and there are opportunities to catch fish, but nothing near its’ heyday so you will need to cover water. Midges and mayfly hatching midday with some fish working the surface. The deeper runs and pockets are the areas to target, limited water but very few people!

Crowley Tributaries


June 16th, 2015 –
Flows are low and clear nothing really to speak of at this time on McGee or Convict Creek. A few Cutthroat but the spawners are nearing the end and most have return back to the lake.

Mammoth Lakes Basin


June 17th, 2015 –
Road and lakes are open most have been planted some in the late fall with brood stock in the late fall. This is a good place to get away, especially if you want to float tube try Mamie or upper Twin and lower Twin little smaller lakes with good habitat. Type 3 sinking line and a leech pattern.

Lower Owens


June 17th, 2015 –
Currently flowing at 100 CFS, crowds have been moderate. Hatches are good. Mayfly hatch strong around 11:30 to 2:00 caddis now in the mix along with the tricos. The Swallows will let you know it happening or the small song birds. Fish are in pods in some areas, so you need to cover water. Once you locate the areas, you will be amazed by how many fish are in a small area. But you can hook fish in both the fast riffles and the seams and slack zones, depending on time of day and location. There is some good dry fly action during the hatch if you find the right area.

Upper Owens


June 17th, 2015 –
Flows are low, currently at approximately 60 cfs, clarity is slightly stained below the hot Creek tributaries .Mostly resident fish and planters the cutthroats have returned to the lake. Please don’t wade the shallow riffles areas as there are thousands of eggs in the gravel from the spawning cutthroat. Views are spectacular. Crowds have thinned. Area from the bridge to the private property is open year round and falls under special regulations depending on the time of year. Make sure you read the regulations and know the sections before you cast a line. It could be an expensive mistake. Hatching currently is some caddis, a few mayflies, and a few midges. There are no real issues with flood irrigating at this time. There is not much water to pull from so it may not be an issue most of the season. The roads are dry and no mud issues at this time.



*Provided by LADWP