Fellow Anglers,

In three weeks summer officially arrives with the longest day of the year! The local weather looks like it will cool off a little this week after near record breaking heat last week. Temperatures are forecast this week to be near normal with highs in the upper 60s-70s for Crowley and Mammoth, with lows in the mid-30s to low 40s. Bishop will be in the upper 70s to mid-80s for highs and 40s and 50s for lows. Breezy afternoons and a slight chance for some thunderstorms exist mid-week. It is always a good idea to take a look at the forecast before heading out as the weather in the high country can change rapidly. A clear blue morning sky can give way to a severe thunderstorm and hail rain lightening and strong winds by late afternoon. There is no spring runoff to speak of as precipitation in the region was generally below normal. Snowpack in the Eastern Sierra was below normal around 65-70% in Northern/Southern Mono country and 60-70% in the Northern Inyo County and 80-90% in Southern Inyo County as the southern part of the state faired a little better from the March and April storms.

Currently two of the three major trans-sierra passes are open. Both Sonora Pass Hwy-108, and Monitor Pass Hwy-89 are open while Tioga Pass Hwy-120 remains closed at this time but should open soon. For current California Highway information call 1-800 GAS- ROAD or go to The current fire restrictions are in place: NO CAMPFIRES, briquette barbeques, or stove fires are allowed outside of designated developed recreation sites and specifically posted campsites or areas. USFS campgrounds remain closed while some private campgrounds/RV parks have opened up. For the Latest Covid-19 update in Mono and Inyo Counties you can go to and     

The General trout season was delayed in Inyo and Mono counties due to the Covid 19 situation. The Great news all area lakes and streams have opened in both Inyo and Mono counties. Crowley Lake Fish Camp has opened and rental boats are now available.  Looking at local conditions most area streams will not be affected by runoff this season other than the West Walker River. Area reservoirs are in good shape despite below normal precipitation this season. All area streams are currently fishable and clear at this time. The road to the Lakes Basin is still closed. Overall fishing conditions are good and the outlook is even better as the water continues to warm up and the bug activity increases. The area is already seeing some decent hatches on the streams and lakes. Streams and lakes have been stocked and with the season being delayed there are plenty of opportunities.     

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June 1st, 2020 –

The creek is running clear and stream flows are near normal. This winter had limited flushing flows and runoff will not be an issue. Sediment will give the weeds an opportunity to take hold as the summer progresses. Hatch-wise Caddis PMD, yellow sallies stoneflies Midges some Baetis. Fish-wise numbers have improved over the last three years. The fish are healthy mostly 12-14” Rainbows/Brown trout with some large brown trout. Nymphing wise target the areas that are slightly deeper and have some relief from the current. If the hatch is on look for the fish to move up on the flats and along the seams! Drag free drifts are a must as the fish here get educated. Smaller tippet sizes can be the determining factor as the season progresses.


June 1st, 2020 –

The road is closed and currently under review by the USFS due to Covid-19 and no shuttles will operate this season.

June 1st, 2020 –

Crowley Lake -OPEN

Crowley Lake has opened! Good News is that with the current snow pack and 2019 above normal precipitation Crowley is near capacity at about 93% and holding steady. Current lake elevation is 6775 this means the low spot on Hilton point is underwater. Lake temps are in the upper 50s to low 60s. Good Midge hatch on the warm days. Best actions is on the east and north side of the lake Mid McGee bay south to Sandy Point and up toward Leighton Springs and North Landing. Perch are already biting in a pre/post-spawn mode. For the trout target the ledges and drop offs in 14-18ft of water with Leeches and Midges. Red, Gray and Black midges sizes 14-16 leeches brown, burgundy, purple size 14-12. Overall fishing has just started and there are plenty of trout to be caught. Prior to the opening day the weather pattern was quite warm, the water has warmed up and bug activity is strong.


June 1st, 2020 –

Flows have been holding fairly steady for the last 7 days at 160cfs. Overall fishing conditions on the East Walker have been fairly good with flows making wading easy and clarity is as good as it gets on the tail water fishery. Water temps are on the rise and along with abundant bug activity at certain times of the day. Midges, Caddis, and mayflies are on the menu. There are some good opportunities with the dry fly but it’s not a mainstay on this fishery. Streamers and fishing under the indicator or Euro style nymph fishing are generally the best producers. Smaller flies catch big fish here! Any flow below 400 is fairly fishable but above 350 a wading staff would be advised. In general wading boots with cleats is advisable! The bottom in many places is pretty rocky and uneven. Weekends have been crowded on the upper sections but should mellow out with the other fisheries opening.


June 1st, 2020 –

Crowley Tribs, Convict, McGee, Hilton and Crooked Creeks -OPEN

All are open. It is best to read the regulations before wetting a line. The area of Crooked Creek from the Gauging station on the west side of Highway 395 to Crowley Lake is closed year-round. Conditions on the creeks the water is presently clear and low as the meadows are being flood irrigated drawing water off the main channels on Convict and McGee Creeks. There are a few fish paired up leave them be is good etiquette! They are producing future generations of trout hopefully! Most of the Migratory fish this time of year are Lahontan Cutthroats and a fair number have already return back to Crowley Lake.


June 1st, 2020 –

Mammoth Lakes Basin CLOSED

Look for a delayed opening of the road and campgrounds due to Covid-19. USFS has stated opening is more like mid to late June! Most of the lakes have open water with some snow around the edges. Fishing is open but you just need to hike up if you want to fish Lake Mary, Lake Mamie and Lake George.

-OPEN YEAR ROUND + Some sections fall under special regulations

June 1st, 2020 –

Flows are very fishable currently flowing at 200 cfs. Overall the river and fish are in good shape. Temps in low Mid to low 80s last few days with a couple of near triple digit last week so wet wading may be the ticket. Fish are spread out; crowds have been mild now the fishing has opened up in our entire area. Hatch-wise a little of everything Midges early some Caddis a few Yellow Sally stone Caddis and a brief Baetis hatch around mid-morning. The swallows and little song birds will let you know the hatch is on as they swoop in or flutter out from the bushes and peck them off. Water clarity is good! Good to look where you walk as the rattlesnakes have been out and seen in the area.


June 1st, 2020 –

Section ABOVE Bridge to Private property: – OPEN YEAR ROUND Under Special Regulations
Section below the Bridge to the Monument: – OPEN
From the Monument to Crowley Lake: – OPEN

It is best to read the regulations and familiarize yourself with the land marks and seasons.

Make sure you read the regulations before you wet a line as special regulations are in place on the upper section of the river from the bridge up to Hwy-395. All sections are open and the lower section has been stocked. Stream flows above the Hot Creek tributaries is currently at 73 CFS, below the lower Hot Creek tributary 140 CFS. Some Migratory Cutthroats along with a few Rainbows are still present. Some of the fish stocked down below have moved up. The Clarity is off-color. Tea stained below the Hot Creek tributaries. Flood irrigating may start at any time on east side of the river so access could be limited as some areas can become muddy or flooded on the upper end entrances and getting stuck can be a possibility. Best to have 4 wheel drive or all-wheel drive and a vehicle with some clearance, a tow truck will be a costly mistake and AAA isn’t free out there! Hatch-wise Midges mayflies and caddis are hatching both wild/planted fish are taking the flies off the surface. The bigger fish are mainly holding in the deeper holes and under the cut banks. The large fish in shallow water are most likely spawning this time of year. Please let the fish do their business if you see them paired up in the shallow water! Fishing under the indictor or pulling streamer would be recommended.

*Provided by LADWP