Featured Snippet from “California Fly Fisher” Magazine (pg. 49) on “the Mcgee Bay Phenomonom”

“In the late 1990s, local Guides Harry Blackburn and Mike Peters “stumbled into the McGee Bay phenomenom.” Blackburn said. They’d walk down the mouth of the creek in McGee Bay, where hundreds of trout were stacking up, actively feeding they could see the whites of their mouths while they fed. At first, they simply drifted nymphs down to the fish in the creek water still moving out into the lake, but as the fish spooked out to deeper water, the pair started fishing deeper and farther out. The first time they started using an indicator and a midge pattern, they were getting a strike within 10 seconds of the cast. Of course, they thought it might have been a fluke. But it wasn’t. The bite lasted the whole season. “It was just stupid, ridiculous. We were asking ourselves, ‘Is this illegal?’ How many fish can you catch in a day?” said Blackburn.

They started on the bank and graduated to tubes and canoes, then to john boats with motors. the stable craft allowed them to stand up about the water and see deep into the channels, where they could watch the hundreds of fish below.

(pg. 49 snippet – February 2012 edition)